Woman photographs possible ‘Bigfoot’ footprint

Woman photographs possible ‘Bigfoot’ footprint …

The unusual looking track was discovered at Shuswap Falls near Lumby, British Columbia earlier this month (Zona666.com).

What sort of creature left this print? Image Credit: Sarah McRann

Despite a lack of any definitive evidence of its existence, the legendary Bigfoot or ‘Sasquatch’ – a mysterious bipedal ape said to roam the forests of North America – remains as popular as ever.

Many claim to have seen the creature and many others maintain that they’ve discovered tracks, hair samples, broken branches and various other things linked to its presence across the continent.

Most recently, Vernon resident Sarah McRann had been walking at Shuswap Falls when she came across an anomalously large footprint in the dirt.

This is not an animal print and I wouldn’t say a man print either,” she said. “I have actually seen a ‘Bigfoot’ before in 2018 and last summer I had a bunch of UFOs follow me back from the border and I have plenty of those photos as well as they were all the way to Kelowna.

Her remarkable claims have since caught the attention of wildlife experts who have weighed in on what sort of creature could have left the print.

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Pete Wise, owner of Wise Wildlife Control Services, admitted that it was “very difficult” to say based on a single footprint as tracking typically involves at least two or three prints.

He also maintains that despite a lifetime spent in the wilds, he has never seen Bigfoot himself.

I’m not saying it’s not here,” he said. “I’ve got buddies who swear they’ve seen him.

Conservation officer Tanner Beck also weighed in on the print, admitting that it did not look like an animal track but may in fact be some sort of shoe print.

As things stand however, no definitive explanation for McRann’s discovery has yet been found.

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