Video shows ‘ghost’ watching man sleeping

Video shows ‘ghost’ watching man sleeping

A peculiar video, which shows an eerie figure staring at a man through a window, has recently gone viral online.

The footage, which has seemingly been around for a couple of years, received renewed attention this week after it was picked up by various news outlets including Australia’s

Recorded in the early hours of the morning on January 1st 2018, the video shows a man sleeping in bed, presumably during a thunderstorm judging by the sound of thunder and heavy rain outside.

At around the 30-second mark, an object on a shelf seems to fall to the ground on its own, then 20 seconds later the curtain at the window draws back, again seemingly without intervention.

At around 1:05s in the video, an eerie figure appears at the window and looks inside (the video’s audio has been edited to include spooky sound effects at this point, which certainly doesn’t help.)

At around 2:30s the man gets up out of bed, potters around and then goes back to sleep. This is followed up at 4:30s by the figure appearing at the opposite window.

It later reappears again at around 5:30s and even when the man gets up and puts the light on, he apparently doesn’t see that there is someone standing there staring at him.

So what exactly is going on here ?

First off, it goes without saying that the whole thing is almost certainly a hoax – everything is way too convenient, way too staged to be a genuine incident caught on camera.

The ‘window’ on the right doesn’t even look like a window and the lighting outside is inconsistent, especially given that there is supposed to be thunder and lightning – where are the flashes ?

Check out the thumbnail of the video below – the ‘ghost‘ even has a (gloved) hand…

It’s unclear exactly where this clip originated or under what circumstances it was filmed, but as far as evidence of the paranormal is considered, we can safely rule this one out.

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