Should you hunt ghosts in your own home?

Should you hunt ghosts in your own home?

Carrying out a paranormal investigation of your own personal abode may have some serious drawbacks (

Is ghost hunting at home a good idea?

With the coronavirus pandemic putting a stop to most paranormal investigations, many enthusiasts have taken to looking for ghosts without actually leaving the house.

But is it really a good idea to try capturing evidence of paranormal phenomena in your own home?

A recent article published in The Southside Times argues that it isn’t, for several reasons.

Perhaps the most obvious is that if you are used to going out visiting various purportedly haunted locations, your home serves as a sanctuary from this – a place to feel safe and secure.

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If you start to believe that your own home is haunted, it makes it difficult to switch-off – it can feel like an intrusion that permeates your day and from which you cannot escape, especially if you are self-isolating due to the coronavirus and cannot come and go as you please.

Believing your home to be haunted can also be potentially distressing as some may try to associate the activity with a deceased relative – especially if they have recently lost someone.

All things considered – paranormal investigation can be a fun and fascinating hobby, but it is not something that you really want to live with 24/7 – whether you believe your home to be haunted or not.

When the pandemic is over, there will be plenty of opportunity to visit other locations.

Source: Southside Times

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