Owner of ‘haunted’ house can’t even give it away

Owner of ‘haunted’ house can’t even give it away …

A Louisiana estate agent is having trouble giving away an unwanted house due to its haunted reputation (Zona666.com).

Would you want to live here?

The sizable four-bedroom house, which was built around 100 years ago, is currently available free of charge because the land it sits on has been purchased for development and the new owners are interested in preserving the history of the property by having it moved to a new location.

The only problem is – nobody seems to be willing or able to take possession of it.

According to former owner Dawn Vallot DeClout, whose family had lived in the house for generations, the building is still haunted by the ghost of her great grandmother Adele.

“She lived to be almost 90 and she was always digging in the pots, like when you have something on the stove and someone goes and looks in the pot and stirs it around,” she said.

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“She was well-known for that, and so when we lived there, we used to hear her all the time jangling the pots when we had something on the stove.”

“You could hear somebody picking up the lid but there was nobody in the kitchen.”

Estate agent Sylvia McLain, who has been promoting the house on Facebook, claims that a ghost hunting team had previously been brought in to help cleanse the house of any wayward spooks.

Given that restoring and relocating the ‘free’ house could cost upwards of $80,000 however, it’s possible that interested parties could have more material concerns than supernatural ones.

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