Museum ‘haunted by ghost of Agatha Christie’ (video)

Museum ‘haunted by ghost of Agatha Christie’ …

Staff members at a museum in Devon, England maintain that the building is haunted by a familiar specter (

Does Agatha Christie’s ghost haunt the museum? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Paul Hutchinson

Situated in a popular seaside town on the county’s south coast, Torquay Museum is certainly no stranger to the unexplained having long held a reputation for being haunted.

Home to the UK’s only collection dedicated to world-famous crime writer Agatha Christie, the museum houses a number of her books as well as unique relics from her childhood in Ashfield.

Paranormal activity in the building has often been linked to its association with her, especially given that it is not uncommon for books to fly of the shelves seemingly on their own accord.

Every time books fly off the shelves, it’s always Agatha Christie books,” said Gift shop manager Francesca. “It has happened so many times. The most recent was last Tuesday.

This poor woman was walking by and one of the Agatha Christie books came flying at her. Then she walked over to the other stand and another Agatha Christie book hit her.

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Volunteer Stuart Scott also witnessed the strange event.

We were both standing over on the opposite side of the room and saw it happen,” he said. “The customer was walking by just here and the first book came flying off. Then she walked around to the other side and a different Agatha Christie book from another shelf flew off.

So is the building really haunted or could there be a more conventional explanation ?

I’ve seen similar things happen twice now,” said Scott.

I believe in ghosts – there’s got to be something out there.”

You can check out CCTV footage of a similar incident at the museum below.

Source: Devon Live

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