Lady Gaga Regrets Selling Her Soul To Dark Forces (video)

Lady Gaga Regrets Selling Her Soul To Dark Forces …

Some time ago, the published WorldTruth.TV created an article about Lady Gaga making public her experiences with the already well-known secret organization of the Illuminati. This info is debatable (

Below is what they said.

According to Lady Gaga, she is suffering from a chronic illness, and this might be the result of the physical confrontation of the evil forces that started to take control of her body. The acclaimed pop artist decided to join the Illuminati when she was still young and she sold her souls for fame and money.

It seems that after having made the pact with that cult, the artist was possessed by an evil spirit. She tried to get rid of it on numerous occasions, but she did not succeed in driving the evil entity away.

It all started during a concert when the artist met a man who said that she got what it takes if she wants to accept the deal. The artists asked the man what he was referring to, and he said he referred to everything, success, money, fame.

Lady Gaga accepted the deal without hesitating and offered her soul in exchange.

It is well known that before the pact Lady Gaga was an unknown artist performing at very small events.

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Please note: Several sources fack-checked the originality of above info and decided that everything is inspired from biblical events (wherein Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert after Christ had fasted 40 days and night, and offered the world if only He would worship evil) and altered info from ‘Five Foot Two’. So we can not say that the original article published by WorldTruth.TV is real.

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