Giant paw print sparks Australia big cat debate

Giant paw print sparks Australia big cat debate …

The discovery of a large feline print in the Blue Mountains has reignited speculation of a mystery big cat (

What animal does this print belong to? Image Credit: Facebook/Blue Mountains Explore

For many years, the legend of the Blue Mountains panther – a mysterious feline that has been sighted by numerous witnesses across a large area of New South Wales – has continued to endure.

Now a local exploration group known as Blue Mountains Explore has claimed that it has found actual physical evidence of the creature in the form of a giant paw print situated in a remote location.

Group member Kobe Bryant remains adamant that the stories are all true.

It’s definitely out there and it definitely exists,” he said.

You can’t get out there with a car, so we had to take our bikes and walk. Usually when you go to the more popular tracks you see [shoe] prints everywhere or branches have been cleared. It was very clear no one had been out there.”

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After documenting the find, the explorers contacted the Australian Hunting Association for advice and were reportedly told that it was unlikely that the prints belonged to a native species.

If there really is an exotic big cat roaming the wilds of New South Wales, it’s possible that it (or its progenitors) escaped from a circus or were released by an exotic pet owner.

Some have even suggested that the creature could be a Thylacoleo – a supposedly extinct species of giant carnivorous marsupial that roamed Australia thousands of years ago.

As things stand however, it remains unclear exactly what the mystery creature could be.


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