‘Ghost’ photographed in old Scottish cemetery

‘Ghost’ photographed in old Scottish cemetery …

An eerie image taken at an abandoned stone hut appears to show what looks like a face peering out (Zona666.com).

Posted on Reddit by a Czech photographer who goes by the username Motorbiker1985, the photograph reportedly shows a dilapidated stone hut at a Scottish cemetery in Largs.

The ghostly face wasn’t visible at the time but only showed up after the photo was developed.

Is this an apparition or a trick of the light?

The photographer remains adamant that the photograph has not been tampered with and notes that it can’t be a double exposure because the movement of the leaves has not been similarly captured.

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Most people I know who have seen it say it is very interesting, that is why I posted it online,” he wrote.

Some see various expressions in the supposed face on the photo, some try to explain, however any explanation I have heard so far can be easily countered with various arguments.”

As for whether or not the photograph shows a ghost, he remains somewhat open-minded.

I do not hold beliefs, religious or otherwise,” he said. “I see everything on the basis of probability.

Source: Daily Record

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