Druids called in to reverse ancient Irish ‘curse’

Druids called in to reverse ancient Irish ‘curse’ …

An Irish farmer who had been plagued by bad luck has blamed a ‘curse’ caused by a damaged standing stone (Zona666.com).

The druids conducted a ritual at the stone

When Donal Bohane began to experience a spate of bad luck at his farm near Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland, he thought long and hard about what might be responsible.

He eventually linked the mishaps, which ranged from flooding on his land to his cattle falling ill, to a paleolithic standing stone that one of his bulls had inadvertently knocked over a few years earlier.

Keen to remedy the situation, he enlisted the services of two druids – Jan and Karen Tetteroo – who traveled all the way from Glenflesk in Killarney to help put the stone back where it belonged.

After investigating the site, they concluded that the stone may have fallen onto a ‘faerie road’ – something that has long been connected with misfortune.

In Ireland, there have even been historical cases of houses being demolished due to the impact of constructing on one of these supernatural highways.

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To ensure that everything would be restored to where it should be, the couple performed a druidic ritual as the stone was being repositioned with the use of a mechanical digger.

In the presence of the elements, the directions, three people, and with a request to the unseen, we stated our good intentions: to place the stone in its original location and position,” said Jan.

The intention was to clear the spirit road or energy line of any blockage and to put an end to the misfortune cast upon the cattle using the field.”

Whether Bohane’s spate of bad luck will now come to an end however remains to be seen.

Source: Southern Star