Couple spots ‘bus-sized’ creature in Loch Ness

Couple spots ‘bus-sized’ creature in Loch Ness …

Corey Sturrock and his wife had been out for a walk when they spotted something very large in the water (

Could Nessie be a giant eel?

The encounter, which took place on Saturday at around 3.40pm, occurred while the couple were walking along the shoreline at Dores – a small village on the northeastern side of the loch.

I have been camping and walking on Loch Ness my whole life and I have never believed in the Loch Ness monster,” said Corey. “But what my wife and I saw was something quite extraordinary and I would like to know if other people have seen the same.”

He described the creature as ‘eel-like’ but also ‘the size of a bus’.

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We saw the water rippling as if something was swelling, and that is what grabbed our attention,” he said. “We then saw this thing, that looked like a massive eel rise from the water, and then go back under again. There was a large swell.

The same thing was also witnessed by several other people who had been walking nearby.

Sadly however, Corey was unable to capture the spectacle on camera.

I reached for my phone – but it was all over in a matter of about 10 or 20 seconds – and it only showed itself for a few seconds,” he said.

By the time I got my phone out it had gone underneath again.

As for what the creature was – Corey is skeptical that it was a literal monster but believes that it could have been some sort of large eel that lives in the loch.

Whatever it was it was some size,” he said.

Source: Inverness Courier

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